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Red Crushed Leaf

Red Crushed Leaf


Kratom consumers love the red strains for their calming effects. The red strains have some very impressive pain killing qualities and tend to be most used for those looking for an alternative to pharmaceutical pain killers. The red strains are also commonly used for their effects on anxiety and stress. 


Red strains are known for being a very relaxing strain of kratom. It is often used for its impressive ability to curb pain, due to its concentrated amount of 7-hydroxymitragynine, a powerful alkaloid in Kratom. This strain has been most commonly used for its pain management and mood enhancing qualities. 

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Red Crushed Leaf
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    All Sacred Kratom is NANO. Nano Kratom is the finest ground Kratom on the market. Five times finer than regularly ground Kratom, Nano Kratom blends more easily with liquids and is digested more efficiently by the body. Nano Kratom is less prone to bacteria or metal contamination due to the quality of the machine required to make it. Nano Kratom is processed at a lower temperature than other Kratom and therefore preserves more of the potency of the key alkaloids. All Kratom sold by Sacred Kratom is Nano Kratom.

    At this time, Kratom is not approved as a dietary supplement and therefore all Kratom vendors must list Kratom as NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Unfortunately, the FDA and Big Pharma are heavily opposed to Kratom because of its threat to the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry. We hope to one day regulate Kratom as a dietary supplement, so the public will have a consistent expectation of potency, safety, and purity. Although we must still label our product with "not for human consumption", we are committed to testing our Kratom for bacteria, heavy metals, and potency, with or without those requirements.

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    You can return any unopened products within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. You are responsible for return shipping fees. 

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    All of our products are shipped through USPS and will arrive within the continental US within 5-10 business days. 

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