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Our Vision
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We at Sacred Kratom have seen the miracles that can come from this powerful plant and we simply couldn't keep it a secret. After observing Kratom do everything from helping loved ones recover from opiate addictions, to managing acute pain after surgeries, to giving relief to friends experiencing chronic pain, the vision for Sacred Kratom was birthed. 

Unfortunately, Kratom has been mainly marketed in smoke shops and has gotten a bad wrap as a recreational drug. Sacred Kratom wants to change that. 

We envision a world where Kratom is used responsibly for its incredible healing effects. This company is committed to educating the public and distributing Kratom products to wellness clinics and nutrition stores. It's time to change the narrative about Kratom. 

In addition to educating the world about the natural healing properties of this incredible plant, we hope to create safer ways for the public to experience Kratom. We advocate for Kratom's approval as a dietary supplement, so it can be standardized and regulated for potency, bacteria, and purity. We are committed to providing the highest quality Kratom available and source only Kratom that has been thoroughly tested for safety and potency. 

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The history of Kratom
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Kratom is just a plant. Its scientific name is Mitrogyna Speciosa, and it happens to be part of the coffee family.


Kratom is a tropical tree, indigenous to Southeastern Asia, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. Kratom has been used for over 3,000 years, by laborers, as a psychoactive medication to increase motivation and focus during the working hours. It is widely known for its similar effects to opioid drugs and was banned in Thailand, in 1943, due to its serious competition and interference with the opioid trade. It continues to help many people around the world combat pain and stress with minimal side effects.

Kratom is often favored amongst individuals who suffer from chronic pain and individuals who are undergoing opiate withdrawal, as it produces effects that are similar to opiates, without the risk of addiction and without the withdrawal. In kratom, the most prominent alkaloids are mitragynine, which is a stimulant, and 7-­‐hydroxymitragyine, which serves as a sedative and analgesic. Varying strains and varieties of kratom have varying potencies of these alkaloids.

Experiencing Kratom
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Kratom is currently used by many people for these reasons:


  • Pain relief

  • Withdrawals from opiates

  • Inflammation

  • Improved digestion

  • Relaxation

  • Focus

  • Mood enhancement

  • Sleep aid

Is Kratom Safe?

  • Although Kratom is not supported by the FDA or Big Pharma, its positive effects are documented by thousands of consumers

  • Kratom comes from the coffee family and its consumers report experiencing similar addictive effects, with minimal withdrawals (such as possible headaches, restless leg, and trouble sleeping) if used for long and sustained periods of time. 

  • Consumers report possible side effects such as dizziness, eye wobbles, and nausea. (It is very important to avoid dehydration when taking Kratom to avoid these effects.)

  • Consumers of Kratom report it is best used responsibly for short durations. If treating chronic pain, consumers often take breaks to avoid building a tolerance. 

  • Kratom has a long and reassuring history for over 3,000 years. 

  • For more information about Kratom and its effects, please visit the American Kratom Association and Kratom Science. 

If you want to learn more about Kratom, please visit the
American Kratom Association
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